Frequently Asked Questions

Mountain 24hr Storage is committed to our customers and their convenience. We want to give you a problem-free storage experience. To help you learn more about our self-storage, here is a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

The Space to Suit Your Needs

What is drive-up access?

A drive-up unit is accessible directly from a driveway. It allows for easy entrance through our extra-large sectional doors. Door sizes for drive up – up to 8ft x 14ft

Do you have a pull-through feature?

Yes, we do have a 60′ pull through feature. Very limited amount as it requires reserving units that have a wall back to back that can be removed in the West Building.

Heated drive up units?

Yes, drive-up units can be heated at the expense of the customer. Extra insulation is needed and electric rates will apply.

Do the units have hose hookups?

Hose bibs are located in several spots during warm months.

Where can I find a list of storage sizes and prices?

Visit our facility location page here to see a complete list of available sizes and prices.

Do you offer storage for household items and furniture?

Yes, we do.

Are your units equipped with electrical outlets?

Yes, all our drive-up units have metered electric 20 or 50 amp available. Extra charges do apply and will be billed at local rates.

Do you have an RV cleanout site on location?

No, we do not. An RV cleanout can be found at Mammoth Community Water District: 1315 Meridian Blvd. Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546


Rentals and Reservations

Do I need a reservation?

Calling ahead never hurts, but reservations are not required. You can call us at 760-536-7922, reserve online here or complete your information on the contact page, and one of our representatives will contact you to discuss storage rentals. You can also reserve in person during business hours or at our 24hr kiosk.

What happens if I cancel a reservation?

You may cancel or change a reservation at any time by phone, email, on our website or in person. Charges may apply.

Can I reserve storage space in person, online, or on the phone?

Yes, you can reserve a space in person either with a representative or via our self-check in kiosk, online, or on the phone.

Do you provide locks?

External locks are not required with the Noke Smart Entry System.


Access & Security

Can I be assured that my belongings will be safe?

There is not a storage company that can guarantee that your belongings will be completely safe.  However, our facilities are equipped with security features that deter crime. We offer the following security measures to protect our buildings.

  • 24-hour video monitoring
  • Industry-leading smart locking technology
  • Electronic keypad or fob access to gated areas
  • 24/7 On-site managers six days a week (at most localities)
  • Full-time maintenance staff to keep the facility clean and appropriately maintained
  • Contents Insurance is available online when reserving a storage unit

Do you keep a key to my unit?

All our units have state of the art smart locks that do not require a key. As admins of the facility, we will be able to access your unit should any problems arise and you cannot get into your unit.

Can I designate specific people, other than myself, to have access to my storage unit?

You can restrict access to yourself, or you may designate specific people to have access to your unit.  Anyone to whom you grant access will have their own access code or key fob.

What if I forget my access code or forget my fob?

Call during regular business hours for assistance regarding forgotten access codes or fobs.  For your protection, we will request proof of identity.

Are certain items prohibited in storage units?

Yes.  Anything that could increase the risk of damage to your goods or the goods of others is prohibited.

  • Plants
  • Firearms, munitions, guns, or explosives
  • Food and pet food
  • Flammables, explosive, radioactive materials
  • Lead paint, asbestos, urea-formaldehyde, petroleum products, or methane
  • Medical waste
  • Stolen goods
  • Cash (not covered by insurance)


Lease Terms and Payments

Do you have automatic payment options?

We do. You can sign up for autopay with our managers at move-in or at any point while you’re a customer with us.  We will automatically deduct your monthly charges from a credit card, debit card, or bank account.  If automatic payment isn’t for you, payment can be submitted manually every month by clicking “Pay Online” on our website.

Can I pay in person?

Absolutely! You can arrange to pay in person with our office staff.  You may use cash, check, debit or credit card.

What happens if I’m late with my payment?

We bill on the 1st of each month.  If your payment is late, we grant every customer a 5-day grace period. Late fees will be charged beginning on the 6th of each month.  After the 5th of the month, any account that is past due will be denied access to their unit until such time as the balance is brought current.  If payment is not received by the 15th of the month, an additional late fee is added to your account.  Late fee amounts are specified in your rental agreement. To avoid the possibility of late fees and being locked out at the gate, we recommend signing up for autopay.

Do you require that I have insurance on the watercraft and vehicles I’ve placed in storage?

Yes. You are responsible for maintaining insurance on all items that you have placed in storage. If you currently have coverage, please provide a copy of your declarations page at time of rental. 

Do you rent space month-to-month or do I have to sign a long-term lease?

Our rental contracts are all month-to-month. No long-term lease is required.

How does the move-out process work?

  • Provide written 30-day notice via email, letter, or drop off note at the office. 
  • Remove your watercraft/vehicles from your storage unit.
  • Contact management or stop by the office to inform us that you’ve emptied your unit.
  • Your account will be immediately closed once the unit is inspected to ensure it is left clean and undamaged.

What if I fail to pay my rent/late fees?

If rent and associated fees are not paid, you are at risk, under state law, of the contents of your unit being sold at auction to pay unpaid rent, fees, and any costs of the sale incurred by the facility owner.  If, after this procedure, any net proceeds of the auction remain, they are paid to you.  We never want this to happen.  We do have options.

  • Call your location manager and arrange for our “One Time Grace Period Program.” This program will allow you a one-time catch-up program.
  • If, during the first month of your lease, you find that you will be unable to pay, let the location manager know and immediately move out.  This will stop all collection efforts.

Can I buy insurance to protect my belongings?

Yes, insurance is available for purchase in our office or online. This is additional to your regular policy(s). Mountain 24hr Storage is not responsible for any loss due to theft, etc.

If you still have unanswered questions, please feel free to give us a call. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to offer any further information that you need.