When you need a convenient, affordable, and dependable place to store your “home away from home” until you’re ready to use it again, consider Mammoth Mountain Storage. The features you need and the amenities you want are right here for you. We have a variety of storage units in Mammoth Lake, CA, that are the perfect size for your RV. Our extra high ceilings and large doors allow you to drive in with ease, and wide driveways provide easy maneuverability for those large vehicles. Electrical outlets in our garage units allow you to keep those batteries charged and ready to go. Insulated garage units and doors, some with optional heating, keep your RV safe from the elements. 

Check out the following tips to keep your RV in perfect condition during a lengthy storage.

1. Drain All Tanks:  Drain the fresh water holding tanks as well as the black and grey holding tanks.

2. Drain the Water Heater: Remove the drain plug and open the pressure relief valve. Caution: Do not drain when the water is hot!

3. Remove Food: Even that forgotten bag of unopened chips can attract insects. Food left for long periods of time can become moldy and inedible.

4. Disconnect the Refrigerator and Leave the Door Open: To prevent stale air and condensation, leave the refrigerator door open.

5. Use RV-Approved Non-Toxic Antifreeze: To guard against freezing during cold nights, use RV-approved, non-toxic antifreeze. You don’t want to poison your water. Next, you’ll need to pressurize your system. Start with the faucet closest to the water pump and slowly open the hot and cold valves until the antifreeze appears.

6. Remove the Battery and Keep it Charged: Remove the battery and keep it on a charger at home. If you use one of our units, you won’t have to take your battery home; we have electricity available right in the unit to keep your battery charged.

7. Cover External Vents to Prevent Pests: Don’t let your RV become a “home away from home” for pests during an extended storage time.

8. Check the Roof: Repair any holes or damage to your roof.

9. Wash and Wax the Exterior: If you give your RV a coat of wax prior to storage, it will not only look brighter the next time you are ready to use it. Wax also adds a layer of protection during the cold months.

10. Use the Right Cover: If you want to cover your RV, use breathable vent covers that allow for air circulation to prevent mold.